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The Return of the Lizard King

(Hier meine englischsprachige Version von Die Rückkehr des Echsenkönigs - die deutsche Version gibt es auch im Bereich Vertontes)

The day was wilted long ago
And the night awoke its creatures
With silvery trumpets.
It celebrated the unleashment of itself.
I was sleeping or awake (Is there a difference?)
And took that step to the window.
I never did this before.
I’ve never ever left my home.
But at this moment the glass sparkeled at me
Like lustful diamonds,
Released its apocalyptic desire.
Finally I saw myself.

The view out …

A dance of lights unto the grey,
The dishonoured promise
Of civilization to mankind.
Calamity and desperation mated
With hope and yearning,
Conceived a Moloch out of their dirt.
Symbol of progress.

Behind it
A viper-hearted outburst of shadows.
(Again: the sound which shouldn’t exist!)
There! now I saw the hordes!
Hasty in movement,
Which appeared like menace and temptation at the same time.
Strange creatures.
Bellies of slime-green moonlight,
Whose gestures were lampooning the human mind,
Thrusted toward upon the city.
Their singing was a cacophony of obscenely croaking
And insanity looked out of their eyes
The long way into mine.
I smiled.
Battle calls from the aeons
Of withered instincts were sounding in me,
Ripping my body in twain.
And out of its ruins the soul
Of the universe rised – ready
To free the creatures of the elder worlds.

Just like a ghost I floated over everything,
Escaped from my home.
I was just a susurration in the toad-heads,
A command of elementary power,
Which propeled them through the streets.
Then I emerged myself out of my ethereal larva
To a long-tongued, green scales-entity –
A pre-cosmic will, free
From stagnating palsy of reason.

The humans holed up scared.
Chaos – the power from which they rised once –
Lived only as a rudimentary perversion
In their hearts – as something which promises panic.
And while my Pan
Piped the horror behind himself into their world,
The satyrs were copulating the women,
The nymphs debauched the wannabe-men
In former safe streets.

My lizard belly grew over the world,
Everything merged and became everything again.
Pure energy.
All experiences of all ages were dancing
On my scales, became a symphony,
A new Creation.

Finally I see me.
A little human behind a window,
Who suspected me in itself but recognize me just now
While he is looking through my eyes.
He is always me, I am always everything.
He can never leave his home, I can never have one.

Just sometimes,
When the night is dark enough,
The eyes can see.
Then our glances will meet
And open the doors to old promises.
Just sometimes,
When the Lizard King returns …

(dedicated to Jim Morrison)

© Sascha Besier

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