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World Without Winners

Ein Song, den ich mit 17 Jahren geschrieben habe, als wir noch Thrashmetal spielen wollten :-)

Verse 1
Other people beating others up, stab them in the back
Sometimes for fun, sometimes they start a real psycho-attack
Surround them with lies, cover their world with rumours
Show your false face to the weak nervous system
And lay the foundation for a dominion of terror
Hear the cry of mind which comes from deep underground
For those there’s no reason to live, no reason to exist

Why do you bring others down?
What give you the reason for terror?
You love your dark instincts more than the light of life
Don’t you realize it’s you who live in pain and strife
No way to run, no place to hide, there is nothing that you can do

Chorus 2
You love to lead other people
You love to ram them down
Hey King – you wear an ugly stinky crown

Verse 2
It’s only the way of life, maybe bad maybe good
Don’t be a slave of the black side of your soul
Flee like a prisoner and don’t be a victim of death
Be careful cause the real losers always think they’re cool
And they don’t realize it and go on playing the game
The weak have to suffer and the mindless are the cause
But take care when they go out for kill and march against you

Why do you bring others down. [Mehr lesen…]

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Anerkannter Künstler

Heutzutage wird man ein anerkannter Künstler, wenn man tut, was das Publikum versteht, nicht, wenn man es herausfordert.

© Sascha Besier

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